Plant Propagations in glass jars

5 Ways to Make Your Home Garden More Sustainable This Earth Day

At We The Wild, we believe in celebrating Earth Day every day by fostering a love for nature and implementing sustainable practices in everything we do. This Earth Day, let's focus on creating thriving home gardens that are kind to the planet. Here are 5 ways you can join us:

1. Propagation Power!

Skip the store and embrace the magic of propagation! Growing new plants from cuttings, division, or seeds is a fantastic way to expand your garden without increasing your environmental footprint. It's cost-effective, reduces plastic waste from new pots, and strengthens your connection to your plant babies.

2. Repurpose and Replant!

Give new life to everyday items! Transform old mugs, teacups, or colanders into charming planters. Upcycle wooden pallets or crates for vertical gardens. Be creative and let your imagination blossom!

3. We're Wild About Recycled Materials!

Think outside the box (or pot) and get creative with repurposed containers. Look for recycled options or ask your local nursery about eco-friendly pots.

4. Plant a Tree!

Deforestation is a serious threat, especially in places like Madagascar. We plant a tree for every product sold to help rebuild these fragile ecosystems. Planting trees in these areas helps support their economies, helps their unique native flora and fauna thrive, and protects against environmental disasters like landslides and erosion. With your help, we've already planted over 12,000 trees this year! Check out our trees here.

5. Vote With Your Dollar

Every purchase is a chance to support companies that align with your values. We are committed to our sustainable practices – from worm castings (because chemicals are so last year) and compostable corn fibre pest strips, to rebuilding fragile ecosystems.

By choosing eco-conscious brands, you're sending a powerful message and encouraging a greener future for our planet.

Together, even small changes can make a big difference. Let's celebrate Earth Day and cultivate a greener future, one plant at a time!

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