5 Must-Have Plant Gifts You’ll Probably Want to Keep For Yourself

5 Must-Have Plant Gifts You’ll Probably Want to Keep For Yourself

We love a floral bouquet as a gift (who doesn’t?), but if you want to give a piece of greenery with staying power, plants are the way to go. A precious pot filled with foliage is not only pretty to look at, it’s a thoughtful, personal gift that will live on for years.

So, spread the love this festive season with the perfect potted present. We round up the best plant gifts for your nearest and dearest. 



For mum: Cyclamen

We love the white and crimson variety, they add an extra dusting of holiday cheer. But if your mum prefers colour, they come in purple and pink too. They grow well either indoors or outside on balconies and patios, and they like plenty of natural light. Place in a well-lit, cool but draught-free spot – preferably with an hour or two of sunlight each morning, although keep it away from strong sunlight. 

They don’t care for hot, stuffy environments, so take your indoor cyclamen outside at night to a well-ventilated area. Water soil sparingly, they often benefit from a dry spell, and try to avoid watering the flowers or foliage.



For your brother or sister: Hoya

Whether your brother or sister is a proud plant parent or green thumb novice, the Hoya, or wax plant, is a classic; it lives forever, grows to be enormous, and blooms beautiful, porcelain-like fragrant flower clusters. Their draped vines make them a fab gift and statement plant addition to any home. They’re fairly easy to care for too — always a plus when you’re gifting a plant! Keep them in a spot that gets bright, indirect sunlight, and water frequently enough in spring and summer that the soil is kept moist.

Mini monstera

For your friend: Mini Monstera

A must-have gift for any plant lover, the miniature version of the classic Monstera might be smaller in size, but it still packs a punch in the plant department. It still has those iconic deep green, heart-shaped, fenestrated leaves we love, but on a smaller scale, so it's a little easier to manage than its bigger older brother. Your foliage-obsessed friend will be practically giddy when you give this as a gift. 

Choose a bright filtered space indoors, away from direct sunlight. It enjoys weekly waterings and frequent misting. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings, but take care not to over water, and don’t let it dry out too often. Add fertiliser during the warmer months. 

For kids: Chives Herb Planter 

Not only will this gift get little green fingers excited about gardening, you’ll also get them excited about cooking too. Choose a safe edible like chives that you can plant together, either in your garden, or on the windowsill. They’re super easy to look after and require minimal maintenance. They’ll grow perfectly in a position in full sun or in partial shade. Just keep the soil moist by watering regularly during the drier summer months, and feed with plant food in spring. Then when you’re ready, toss into your favourite salad. Yum. 


For your grandparents: Anthurium

These long-lasting blooms, with their vibrant pink, orange and red petals and striking heart-shaped leaves, are sure to win your grandparents over this Christmas. Also known as the Flamingo Flower, they bring luck and happiness, not to mention some colourful eye candy. Be sure to give it plenty of indirect light; the blooms love to soak in the rays. It prefers high-humidity environments, so make sure you mist it on a regular basis. Water thoroughly, but allow it to dry slightly between waterings. Over watering can cause root damage and yellowing of the leaves.

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