Here's why keeping your leaves clean is so important in Winter

Here's why keeping your leaves clean is so important in Winter

It might sound like a bit of a chore, but¬†cleaning your leaves can be a simple way to avoid lots of different Winter problems. Remember, plants are meant to be grown in nature, where household dust and urban toxins don't exist. Here's 4 reasons why you should wipe your leaves this week ūüĎá

1. Dust clogs leaf pores 

Did you know that the pores in leaves not only act as mini-lungs, but also absorb moisture from the air?! That's why humidity is so important for houseplants. In Winter, dust blocks these pores and stops your plants absorbing the (already reduced amounts of) humidity available to them! 

2. It helps to avoid pests & disease

Pests make a home in dusty crevices, especially in Winter. Wiping your leaves can dislodge eggs, larvae and sleeping pests that you may not see, which reduces the length and severity of an infestation. SO, make sure you get into all of those nooks when wiping your leaves. 

3. Dust blocks sunlight 

Shorter winter days means less of those leaf poppin' sun rays that plants love. When dust settles on leaves, it acts as a blanket by blocking the sun. No sun = no healthy plants. Wipe dust, shift your plants to the brightest spot at home and reap the rewards!

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4. Dust can build up faster in Winter

If you're like us, Winter means snuggling up behind closed doors. But when we shut our houses, the air flow that naturally dislodges dust is reduced. It can mean that dust hangs around longer than it otherwise would, so wiping becomes essential.  

What's the best way to clean my houseplant leaves?

The tight microfibre weave of our Leaf Cleaning Gloves easily lift dust and grime. They're thin enough to¬†handle small delicate leaves and hard to reach nooks, but sturdy enough to withstand the washing machine. They're available in our Leaf Health Kit.¬† ¬†ūüćÉ
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