3 Ways to Keep Orchids Flowering Longer

3 Ways to Keep Orchids Flowering Longer

Orchids are beautiful but get a bad rap for being hard to care for. Today, we're sharing 3 ways you can keep an orchid flowering longer so you can grow a thriving plant with lots of blooms

Tip #1: Keep Orchids in Bright Direct Light 

Orchids, like us, love the light!

Adequate light exposure leads to more vibrant blooms, while insufficient light causes weak or fewer flowers. Lots of light also helps prevent your orchid from becoming leggy, with elongated stems and widely spaced leaves.

Tip #2: Don't Overwater

This is a big one. A common myth about orchids is that you should place an ice cube in the pot every day. Please don't do this; ice cubes can shock the plant's roots, and it's not a pleasant experience for them.

You should water your orchid less frequently but consistently. They are from the rainforest, so in their natural environment, they're used to a downpour... but not every day.

Tip #3: Use The Orchid Care Duo

Don't use harsh fertilisers that can burn and overdose your plants. A natural fertiliser is great for providing the nutrients for growth and future flowering. 

Use bioactive products like Bloom Concentrate and Protect for Orchids in our Orchid Care Kit to keep your orchid around for a long time. 


And that's it! Spread the news - orchids are actually incredibly easy to care for when you follow these tips.

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