Pothos vine stretching across the ground

3 Ways To Beat Leggy Growth On Climbing Plants

Hey there, fellow plant parent! We're happy to leave long legs to Kendall Jenner and Cindy Crawford, not our plants, thanks! If you're striving for lush growth and large leaves, but getting spindly stems, then follow these top tops! 


Think Like A Rainforest

Most climbing plants come from the rainforest. And like a little green explorer, they're always reaching out for the next sunny spot to conquer. Often, your plant will put its energy into growing one loooong stem, instead of lots of bushy stems. That's where pruning and training come in. Grab your trusty scissors and give those leggy stems a trim, focusing on cutting just above a leaf node or a set of leaves. This encourages new growth and helps your plant stay bushy and full. Oh, and don't forget to guide your plant along the way! Use stakes, trellises (even hairpins) to gently direct those wandering vines where you want them to go. It's like giving your plant a little roadmap to follow.


Let In The Light, Baby!

Just like us, plants need their daily dose of sunshine to thrive. If your climbing houseplant isn't getting enough light, it'll start stretching out in search of more, resulting in leggy growth. So, give your green buddy a prime spot near a sunny window – where it can soak up all that glorious sunlight without getting scorched. 


Get Your Feeding Schedule Right.

Now, let's talk hydration and nutrition. Overwatering can lead to weak, floppy stems, while using chemical fertilisers and spray can lead to incorrect nutrient levels that leave your plant looking a little lackluster. So, aim for a Goldilocks watering routine – not too much, not too little, just right. Let the soil dry out slightly between waterings to keep your plant's roots happy. And don't forget to feed your climbing companion with both Grow Concentrate and Support Pellets.


So there you have it, three simple tips to help your climbing houseplants beat the leggy blues. With a little TLC and some gentle guidance, your green friends will be flourishing in no time. Happy gardening, my friend! 🌿

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