3 Netflix Eye Opening Documentaries You Need to Watch

3 Netflix Eye Opening Documentaries You Need to Watch

Here at We the Wild, we're on a mission to get chemicals out of plant care, and teach you about soil. But why is it so important? If you're interested in sustainable living, or wondering why the earth needs help, you've got to watch these three documentaries!

Down to Earth With Zac Efron

Much of this is set in Australia! Zac and his mate travel to different parts of the world to learn about sustainable living practices and how to lead healthier lives. You'll learn about renewable energy, eco-friendly agriculture, and conservation efforts, all while teaching you about different cultures and perspectives. Learn tangible changes you can make to improve yourself, and the planet!

Kiss the Ground


Get the organic popcorn out and watch this film STAT! It has some really interesting  interviews with farmers, scientists, and environmental activists. They talk about industrial farming and the impact on soil health. Did you know that soil sequesters carbon from the atmosphere? You'll fund out how regenerative agriculture can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help us fight climate change!


Seaspiracy is a doco that has been challenged by some critics. Regardless, it starts to bring to light the damaging impact on some of our choices. From our perspective, the fertilizers and pesticides that are used across the world have a huge role to play in damaging waterways, and this doco uncovers some other ways we're damaging the ocean. 

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