3 Easy To Care For Houseplants

3 Easy To Care For Houseplants

Are you itching to bring some green goodness into your home but worried about your plant parenting skills? We've put together 3 SUPER EASY must-have plants that even the most notorious black thumb can handle!


AKA "mother-in-law's tongue." Trust us, this bad boy can handle just about anything you throw its way. Low light? No problem. Forget to water? It laughs in the face of drought. These tough plants can go months without water and still look fabulous. Want to know the best bit? They purify the air, and clear out toxins like a champ.

To maximise their benefit, it's a good idea to clean the leaves of Snake Plants. Try our Leaf Cleaning Gloves to pick up dust and grime. 


You would have seen these trailing wonders popping up in cafes and the homes of influencers across the world! Whether it's green, yellow, pink or whites, you'll be able to pick the perfect colour. Here's the best part—they can handle low light conditions like a boss and are totally cool with you forgetting to water them every now and then. They're basically the plants that say, "Hey, I got your back, busy person!" If you want to encourage new, bushy growth, feed them Grow Concentrate with every water. 

ZZ Plant

Don't let its fancy name scare you! You'll love how easy it is to care for. You can forget about watering ZZ plants for weeks, and it'll still be standing tall. It thrives in low to medium light, but direct sunlight isn't its jam, so keep it away from scorching rays. Oh, and don't drown it in water either—moderation is key.

zz plant

So there you have it, folks—these plants are perfect for beginners, busy bees, or anyone who just wants to bring some nature indoors without all the fuss. So, go on, get yourself a plant buddy and let the green vibes flow in your home!

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