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How to make your Peace Lily thrive

Step One

Wait until the leaves are drooping, and then water with diluted Grow Concentrate to bring essential nutrients and beneficial microbes to the soil.

Step Two

Add Support Pellets to the soil every month, to build strong and resilient roots.

Step Three

Spray the leaves every fortnight to keep them dust free and protected from the environmental stressed that make then struggle.

Step Four

Periodically trim the brown tips to keep it looking fresh and lush!

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Why We the Wild?

Peace Lily care tips

Orchids don’t need much water, but like it consistent. A light watering (even a misting of the soil) with diluted Grow Concentrate once a week can do the job.
Consistently feeding your orchid, and potting it into a chunky soil mix will help to improve the flowering.
Spray them with Protect Spray to keep them shiny and healthy!
Remember, they grow on trees in the jungle, so a small pot is absolutely fine.