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Why do I love plants?

Friend: “WOW. Look at this cool gadget! It lets you grow plants soooo easily and quickly. Connect it to your phone, add in these special ‘seed pods’ and let the growing machine do the rest, all in a compact benchtop system! How awesome is that?!”

Me (after side-eyeing): “Would you buy it?”

Friend: “Nah, $700?! F**k that!”

Look, I am into life-changing gadgets as much as the next guy. Anything that makes my day more convenient and looks great on my bench has to be awesome, right? 

Yet, why do countless plant growing systems come and go? Why didn’t the 

‘connected smart plant pot’ my accountant launched fail, when it had so many comments on Instagram? The plant growing technology is developed. We’re going bananas for plants. We seemingly crave convenience at every level. Yet the Dyson of the plant world hasn’t stuck?

It goes back to asking and understanding: “why do people love plants?”. For me, I see the sacred art of gardening as an antidote to the constant connectedness, the move-at-a-million-miles pace of my modern life. Caring for plants is the one moment of my week where I 100% do not have to rely on a screen. I can enjoy entertainment, mindfulness, and nourishment, unadulterated by Apple or Android. 

So what do you love about plants? Are you like me, where the sheer unexpectedness keeps you going? Do you feel a slight thrill knowing that a plant either flourishes or struggles because of your care? Do you feel incredible pride and satisfaction sitting amongst your urban garden? If any of these ring true, then it’s obvious why technology systems that take the guesswork out of caring for plants are not for you. Instead, let’s embrace the ever-changing and never-knowing nature of nature! 

I asked some others “why do you love plants?”, and here’s what they said! 

“I see plants as a type of meditation”

“Indoor gardening makes me de-stress. I get such a sense of achievement when things look great and grow.”

“Indoor plants are relaxing, fun and rewarding.”

“I love to see how plants can transform a space. My houseplants are my babies!”

“I love seeing things grow and evolve because I did something with my children. I also really want to find the best plants to help the bees.”

“Gardening is all about connection to the earth for me”

“Why do I love plants? Because it’s about life!”

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